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EnergyBoardroom Releases New Algeria “Inside Oil & Gas” Report 2015

24.09.2015 / Energyboardroom

EnergyBoardroom today releases the new report on the Oil & Gas sector in Algeria.

The report is an authoritative and up-to-date assessment of the major sector in this strategically important oil and gas producing country.

It features interviews with senior executives from the major companies in the region, updated facts and figures on the sector’s development, and features.

Any companies, investors or other stakeholders interested in the future of the hydrocarbons market cannot afford to ignore Algeria. Over the next decade it will offer significant opportunities for those well-placed to take advantage of them:

  • Growth potential. Algeria’s potential for growth in the coming decade is significant. Its GDP is expected to grow at 4% over the next decade.
  • Natural gas exports. The country is one of the world’s leading gas exporters, through LNG tankers and pipelines to Europe.
  • Algeria’s national oil company is investing heavily. Sonatrach is preparing to grow. It has changed its management team and is putting in place an USD 90 billion investment plan, particularly in exploration and development.
  • Algeria is actively looking for upstream partners. Algeria is also hoping to lure in some new international partners to help develop its upstream production profile.
  • Algeria‘s domestic natural gas consumption is rising, from an estimated 1.18 Tcf in 2013 to 1.72 Tcf in 2023.
  • Rising natural gas production. Algeria is planning to increase its production capacity to meet the demand both at home and abroad.
  • An improving legal framework. The Algerian hydrocarbons law has undergone modifications to incentivise partnerships.
Algeria Inside Oil and Gas, Sept 2015 - Energyboardroom
     Download the full report here!

Algeria’s oil and gas industry is currently its most important revenue source. As Youcef Yousfi, Algeria’s former minister of energy says in the report, Algeria needs to expand its production of hydrocarbons to meet long term demand, diversify energy resources and markets, finance economic development, and accelerate industrialization.

This report covers how exploration is progressing, which fields are in development, exactly how Sonatrach will be spending its investments, which international partners are looking for closer collaborations, where Algeria’s exported gas is going, and how a domestic service sector is thriving in the current conditions.

EnergyBoardroom’s Algeria Inside Oil & Gas Report features in-depth interviews with:

Salim Mouici, North & West Africa cluster manager, Baker Hughes Algeria

Daoud Sahbi, President, Energy Club

Eko Rukmono, VP Operations & Country Manager, Pertamina

Bjørn Kåre Viken, Senior VP NAF, country manager Algeria Development & Production International, North Africa, Statoil

Youcef Boukhalfa, CEO, Enageo

Smain Larbi Ghomri, CEO, Hyproc

Nourredine Boutarfa, CEO, Sonelgaz

Smail Bouderba, CEO, GE Oil & Gas Algeria

“This evolution of demand, and therefore changes in regulation and production, correspond to the development of the Algerian population. As a regulator, we must make sure that demand is satisfied across the whole country”

            – Abdelaali Badache, executive committee chairman of Creg

“We have been present for over 40 years, we have invested, and will continue to do so. We are confident that we will still be in Algeria in the future.”

            – Smail Bouderba, the CEO of the oil and gas unit of GE Algeria,



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