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Energy Boardroom Releases New Argentina Inside Oil & Gas Report 2017

31.01.2017 / Energyboardroom

Energy Boardroom today releases a new report on the Oil & Gas sector in Argentina, ‘Inside Oil & Gas Argentina.’

With abundant natural resources, a century-long history of hydrocarbon extraction, and the eighth largest land mass in the world, Argentina is truly an energy giant. However, efforts by the previous administration to ensure security of supply which involved nationalization of the country’s largest E&P actor, YPF, and expropriation of Repsol’s assets in Argentina, helped scare off international investors and led to the country being demoted from a net energy exporter to an importer in 2014.

However, change is in the air. The government of new President Mauricio Macri has declared that Argentina is “open for business,” and the political winds seem to be flowing in the direction of greater international investment into Argentina’s oil and gas industry. With the third largest shale reserves of any country in the world and a series of mega-play discoveries throughout the 2000s, now is the time for Argentina to leverage international capital to exploit its undeniably massive potential.

The report is an authoritative and up-to-date assessment of the major sector in this strategically important oil and gas producing country. Themes covered include

  • The impact of the Macri administration’s economic reforms
  • The huge unconventional resources in the Vaca Muerta basin
  • Energy infrastructure construction
  • EPC
  • Human Resources

Energy Boardroom’s Argentina Oil & Gas report features in-depth interviews with:

  • Omar Gutierrez, Governor of Neuquén Province
  • Guillermo Juan Pereyra, National Senator, Neuquén Province; Mining, Energy & Fuels Commission (Senate Chamber); Rio Negro, Neuquén & La Pampa Oil & Gas Union
  • Andrés Ondarra, Invest Argentina
  • Richard Spies, Pan American Energy (PAE)
  • Horaccio Turri, Pampa Energia
  • Adrian Mascheroni, AESA
  • Javier Pastorino, Siemens



“All the industry stakeholders must be aware that, within an environment where the price is generally determined by the international market, the advancement towards structural cost optimization is crucial to survive and compete.”

  • Omar Gutierrez, Governor of Neuquén Province

“We have embarked upon a new political phase, and are ushering in the new Argentina.”

  • Mauricio Macri, President of Argentina

“Argentina has enough energy resources to satisfy the national demand and will eventually bring back the country to its former export status.”

  • Guillermo Juan Pereyra, National Senator, Neuquén Province; Mining, Energy & Fuels Commission (Senate Chamber); Rio Negro, Neuquén & La Pampa Oil & Gas Union

“We’re at a pretty special juncture in which the momentum of the business winds can be entirely different to the rest of Latin America”

  • Andrés Ondarra, Invest Argentina

“President Macri is really opening up the country and the relationships with important countries such as the US are better than ever before.”

  • Rodolfo Gonzalez, TECMACO


Download the report at energyboardroom.com/oil_and_gas_report/argentina-oil-gas-report/ and visit energyboardroom.com for up-to-date reports, news, articles, interviews, and facts and figures from a wide range of global oil and gas markets.



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