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Interview: Juan Ignacio Lema – President, Tecniberia, Spain

Juan Ignacio Lema, president of Tecniberia, shares his expert insights into the engineering sector of Spain and the challenges, as well as opportunities, that companies within the sector have seen in recent years. He also shares his thoughts on the …


Interview: Pau Herrera – President, Spanish Executives Association (AED)

Pau Herrera, President of the Spanish Executives Association (AED), discusses the services and offerings the association brings to their widely varied base of members spanning all industries in the country. He also discusses recent evolutions seen in the Spanish economy, …


Interview: Mariano Marzo – Professor, University of Barcelona, Spain

Mariano Marzo, an industry expert and professor at the University of Barcelona, shares his extensive knowledge of the energy sector in Spain, including recent trends seen within the industry as well as steps he believes are necessary to ensure a …


Interview: Antoni Peris – President, Spanish Gas Association (SEDIGAS)

Antoni Peris, president of the Spanish Gas Association (SEDIGAS), discusses the efforts both in Spain and across Europe to advocate for the increased utilization of natural gas, and the progress & challenges he has seen during these efforts in recent …


Interview: Arcadio Gutierrez Zapico – Director General, Club Español de la Energía (Enerclub), Spain

“Vendor diversification is one of the most important variables when it comes to achieving energy supply security” – The Director General of Club Español de la Energía (Enerclub), Spain’s leading energy society, makes the case for Spain to become Europe’s …


Interview: Alvaro Mazarrasa – Director General, Asociación Española de Operadores de Productos Petrolíferos (AOP), Spain

The Director General of the Asociación Española de Operadores de Productos Petrolíferos (AOP), Spain’s leading mid- and downstream association, explains how Spain has developed since the abolishment of the monopoly in 1993 and highlights how the country has become the …


Interview: Marta Margarit Borras – Secretary General, Spanish Gas Association (SEDIGAS)

The secretary general of the Spanish Gas Association (SEDIGAS) elaborates on Spain’s role in decarbonizing Europe’s economies, highlights the country’s sophisticated gas infrastructure and gives her opinion on the currently halted Midcat project. You have been Secretary General of Sedigas …






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