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TWMA, Egypt

Company profile: TWMA is a global provider of integrated drilling and environmental solutions to the onshore and offshore oil and gas industry. We are a single source provider for managing waste materials throughout the full project life cycle – from …



Interview: Abdelrahman Amin – General Manager, TWMA, Egypt

Abdelrahman Amin, GM for TWMA Egypt, outlines the positive development of TWMA in Egypt in the past decade; the value that their waste management services bring to the oil and gas industry, most notably in terms of recovering usable oil …


DNV GL, Egypt

Company information: DNV GL is an international accredited registrar and classification society headquartered near Oslo, Norway. The company currently has about 15,000 employees and 350 offices operating in more than 100 countries, and provides services for several industries including maritime, …



Interview: Hisham El Grawany – Area Manager (North Africa), DNV GL, Egypt

Hisham El Grawany, Area Manager (North Africa) of DNV GL, tells us about DNV GL’s value proposition as a service provider partner of choice to the oil and gas industry; their commitment to Egypt both as a domestic market and …


Saad Eldin Group Egypt

The Group has been established since 1985 in accordance with a positive & ambitious plan so as to achieve diversity in all types of investment pivots. The Group’s Companies has a great precedence in the following fields: Establishing factories for …



Interview: Dr. Mohamed Saad Eldin – Chairman, Saad Eldin Group, Egypt

Dr. Mohamed Saad Eldin, Chairman of Saad Eldin Group, tells us how the Group developed from an LPG gas cylinder distribution and refilling company into a diversified empire today with over 1800 employees and involvement in a number of sectors, …


Egyptian Gas Association

The Egyptian Gas Association was founded on the 5th of March 1987, as a non-profit organization to represent the interests of the gas industry as a unified voice directed towards Egyptian and global stakeholders. EGA is an active player in …



Interview: Eng. Khaled AbuBakr – Executive Chairman, Egyptian Gas Association

The executive chairman of the Egyptian Gas Association, Eng. Khaled AbuBakr highlights the association’s recent milestone in obtaining preliminary approval to establish an independent gas regulator and how this move serves to liberalize the gas market and encourage more private …



Interview: Paul Dixon – Regional Director and General Manager, ODE North Africa (ODENA), Egypt

Paul Dixon, Regional Director and General Manager of ODE North Africa (ODENA), outlines his remit for the region; the service offerings that ODE, as a UK design and engineering house, can contribute to the oil and gas industry in Egypt …


PICO Cheiron Egypt

PICO Cheiron Group is an independent E&P company focusing on revitalizing and optimizing production in mature oil and gas fields with operations spanning the full spectrum of the oil and gas upstream activity — from near field exploration to full …


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