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Algeria: Navigating in Sonatrach’s Gravity

Article 02.02.2016 Algeria

Sonatrach dominates Algeria’s hydrocarbon sector, owning roughly 80 percent of all hydrocarbons production and over 90 percent of the country’s natural gas supply, as well as all refining and fuels

Sonatrach’s Total Production by Product and Sector

Article 22.01.2016 Algeria

NB: Sonatrach is Algeria’s national oil company. Click here to read more articles and interviews from Algeria, and to download the latest free oil and gas report on the country. 

Sonatrach’s Gas Production Capacity to Boost by 151 Bcm

Article 17.04.2015 Algeria

Sonatrach has announced that, in medium term, its gas production capacity will increase to reach, by 2019, 151 Bcm. In 2014, 131 Bcm of natural gas has been produced, 27 Mcm was exported through gas

EnergyBoardroom and Sonatrach Announce New Partnership

News 31.03.2015 Algeria

EnergyBoardroom, the premier website for C-Level executives, consultants and regulators working in the energy sector around the world, and Sonatrach, Algeria’s national oil company, enter into a new

Exclusive Interview: Mr. Said Sahnoun – Acting Chief Executive Officer, Sonatrach

Article 26.02.2015 Algeria

The acting-chief executive of Algeria’s iconic National Oil Company unveils ambitious plans for adapting the firm to a new era of oil and gas volatility. Fleshing out the strategic lines of a 90 billion

Sonatrach Peru

Companie 20.09.2013 Peru

Interview: Pedro Miro – Vice Chairman and CEO, Cepsa, Spain

Interview 13.06.2017 Spain

The president of perhaps the world’s most innovative chemical petroleum outfit gives great insight into his firm’s diversification, current difficulties in the European market and where he believes

Interview: Maged Halim – Deputy General Manager & Exploration General Manager, Merlon Petroleum, Egypt

Interview 23.03.2017 Egypt

Eng. Maged Halim of Merlon Petroleum provides his insights on the Egyptian petroleum industry based on his extensive experience working in the public and private oil and gas sectors for over three decades.

Interview: Hong Namkoong – Vice President & Managing Director, Samsung Engineering UAE

Interview 26.05.2016 Abu DhabiUnited Arab Emirates

Samsung Engineering UAE’s Hong Namkoong reveals the strategic importance of the UAE to their global operations; the company’s contribution to the UAE´s Emiratization initiative by providing

Key Upstream Players in Algerian Oil & Gas

Interview 05.02.2016 Algeria

The following table shows the key upstream players in Algerian oil and gas, with state-owned Sonatrach clearly leading the way with a massive 82.8% market share. Click here to read more articles and interviews