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Jean Ropers – Chairman, GEP-AFTP – France

Interview 11.03.2015 France

The chairman of GEP-AFTP, the French Association of Companies and Professionals in the Oil, Gas and Related Industries, discusses the association’s role in the worldwide promotion of French excellence

Energyboardroom.com Releases New ‘Inside Oil and Gas’ France report

News 28.08.2015

The French oil and gas sector is often perceived as consisting of a single company, Total. In reality however, there is much more to it. Featuring names such as Engie (formerly GDF), Vallourec, Technip,

Interview: Christopher Townsend – Managing Director, Adour International – France

Interview 05.08.2015 France

Adour International, with offices in Houston, Aberdeen, Paris and Lagos, helps companies with industrial partnering in countries where local content legislation applies. The founder of the company talks

Interview: Jean-Michel Berud – CEO, JIFMAR Offshore Services – France

Interview 27.07.2015 France

Marseilles-based JIFMAR celebrates 10 years of track record for the supply of integrated marine services. With a fleet of 15 vessels, JIFMAR’s CEO discusses the recent acquisition of the very innovative

France: Evolution over the period 2003-13 of the revenues generated by the Oil & Gas services and equipment sector

Interview 16.02.2015 France

Revenues for 2013 reached €39 billion for about 700 companies operating in the field, +12% growth versus previous year. Source: GEP-AFTP