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Jean-Georges Malcor – CEO, CGG – France

Interview 10.04.2015 France

CEO of the French oil and gas service champion CGG, Jean-Georges Malcor was one of the first to predict the downturn in demand for seismic services in 2013: as a result of the changes he implemented,

CGG performs seep survey in Barents Sea

News 12.06.2014

Robertson Geolab, the surface geochemistry arm of CGG, reported that it’s conducting a multiclient surface geochemistry survey to detect seafloor seepages of hydrocarbons in the southeastern Barents

Interview: Dominique Géhant, Mexico Geomarket Director, CGG

Interview 14.05.2014 Mexico

The Geomarket Director of a leading provider of seismic services envisions increased appetite for imports of state-of-the-art technology and investments in R&D as a direct outcome of the national energy


Companie 22.04.2014 Brazil

Interview: Luiz Braga, Vice President & Geomarket Director, Latin America, CGG, Brazil

Interview 22.04.2014 Brazil

Luiz Braga, Vice President and Regional Director Geomarket Latin America, describes the activities of CGG in Brazil, which are spearheaded by its BroadSeis technology. With a long history in the country,

CGGVeritas (Land) U.S. Inc.

Companie 20.09.2013 Peru

CGGVeritas Indonesia

Companie 20.09.2013 Indonesia

CGGVeritas Mexico

Companie 20.09.2013 Mexico


Companie 20.09.2013 France